my hopes for 2015

2014 was quite a year :) Now that I’m just about a month into 2015, I think I’ve had the right amount of time to imagine what may be around the corner.

I worked on a new playlist over the holiday break and threw a heap of old songs in there. I played it the first time while I put away Christmas and it was so great. I felt to be in an honest to goodness time machine when “Lazy Eye” came on. I probably haven’t listened to that song in over 10 years. As soon as it began, I was back in Connecticut the summer after my senior year, reeling from the most romantic moment I’d had to that point. I went with my older sister and her friends to see the 4th of July fireworks over the Charles River. One of her friends, a cute, cheerful blonde boy, flirted with me and when the fireworks began he grabbed my hand and held it while I watched the most objectively amazing fireworks show of my life. I think I teared up during the Aaron Copeland suite. He kissed my hand secretly in the dark after-show bustle, and my sister and I left for Old Lyme. As we sped along I could see the trees, magically lit with fireflies. That night my sister put on a new CD, Rabbit Songs. She said it was like lullabies. I remember dreaming, me and that boy in a night field with tall grass, swinging from the moon. Whenever I hear that album, I feel that same bloomy rush. Cool, navy breeze rising from my storied eastern grasses after a humid, golden day. Full and verdant.

In 2015 I’ll fill the things I do with that thick flourish. I believe I can pull it off. I’m nothing, if not hopeful :)