Happy Sunday

I am lucky enough to have been at a house concert with my camera to capture video of Ty Maxon playing some really, just perfect music. And I’m also lucky to have some beautiful footage of Michigan in the fall that I took earlier in the day. I thought I’d put the two together, lay some pretty b-roll over the lovely audio. But I’ve just had a devil of a time getting it to feel right. Which has been so perplexing! It’s made me chuckle, because putting music with home videos is kind of the only thing I know how to do. Today I realized what my trouble was. I didn’t like not seeing Ty. Leaves and rivers and storm clouds, old barns, the woods are all so beautiful. But in the timeline I kept peeking behind them to see the little nods and catches, Ty rocking back and forth, making the chair creak. His quiet bow into the song, where he pads through telling his reverent thoughts. I began deleting b-roll so I could see him better, and I could hear more. My favorite part is during the second to last chorus… you can hear people in the room humming along… d# – f/c#, d# – f/c# is this… is this… a hymn :) A contemplative fall hymn to walk alongside my last steps towards Spring.